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Air Scenting Dogs:
-Training to find any human scent in an area.  Air scenting dogs work off lead to follow a subject's scent to it's source and do not require a scent article.  They save time as they can clear large areas in a short time.

Cadaver Dogs:
- Specially trained to find human remains and alert their handlers to their location.  They can be used to locate human cadavers, body parts and body fluids involving new or old cases.

Water Cadaver Dogs:
- Specially trained dogs used to locate subjects who have drowned.  They can be worked either out of a boat or from the shore.  They save countless man hours in the recovery process.

Tracking/Trailing Dogs:
- Frequently work on lead and require a scent article to establish the lost person's track.  These dogs can work trails that are hours to several days old.

Disaster Dogs:
- Specially trained to work in the risky environments inherent to natural or manmade disasters.Type your paragraph here.