Canine Search and Rescue

Minnesota-Wisconsin Canine Search and Rescue (Formerly Southern Minnesota Canine Search & Rescue) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which consists of all volunteers that are dedicated to assisting law enforcement agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin in locating lost individuals.  

The primary mission of Minnesota-Wisconsin Canine Search and Rescue (MN-WI) is to provide trained K9 teams to help federal, state, county and local government agencies twenty-four hours a day locate victims in wilderness, water and urban environments.  These search services are provided free of charge and may include the recovery of lost persons or items during a wilderness, water disaster or urban search and rescue request.  MN-WI is a part of a network of professional volunteers and a response to a request may include members from search units associated with MN-WI. 

In support of the primary mission, MN-WI will provide on an - as we can do basis - education, information, and training to the general public on the subjects of canine handling, wilderness topics and outdoor safety.

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